Luis Angulo

Luis A. Angulo musical journey began at the early age of 5 years old. Encouraged by his mother he started taking classical piano lessons.After his teacher realized that he would play most pieces by ear he decided to teach him by fingering the keyboard instead of reading notes.This was an important factor that shaped his musical life.

Being born in the border city of Mexicali B.C. Mexico he grew up listening not only to latin music but also american pop and rock and roll music .When he moved to the U.S.during his highschool years one of his friends lent him an electric guitar and it quickly became his new tool of expression.After countless hours of learning how to play from records his interest to find out where his favorite guitarrists drew their influences from made him discover other musical genres such as  blues,country, latin, folk, african, reggae, arabic, celtic, and indian music.

in the early 90´s he and his  brother  formed their first classic rock cover band playing around the Baja and California cities.Tired of playing covers they formed their first original spanish rock trio .He later enrolled in the department of world music at the University where he was exposed to jazz ,classical electronic and world music..However in 1995 he interrupted his studies and moved to Europe.

In 1996 he and other musicians formed the cuban son group "Quinteto Chá" with Luis as the singer frontman.

In 2003 Quinteto Chá was asked to open up for the Buena Vista legendary guitarrist Eliades Ochoa at the "Zeltfestival" in the city of Konstanz Germany.They released 2 CDs under their own independent label and In 2009 the remake track "Lamento Cubano" featuring Luis on Vocals was chosen as part of the soundtrack for the film documentary  "Sons of Cuba" directed by british producer Andrew Lang.

In 2003 Luis also recorded and produce his original spanish rock CD "Ayer y hoy" in his home studio.

in 2012 Luis entered  the studio recording guitars on Hanna fearns first release Sentimental Bones”.

Among other projects his interest also in new digital technology led him to discover a new way of making music."Live Looping" is a new free form of composing by improvising and is mostly done as a solo artist with the help of digital devices.This machines allow musicians to record their music in realtime and improvise on top of a recorded phrase by adding other layers of sounds.This way the audience can experience how musicians compose in realtime,impossible otherwise to accomplish in a band fashion.This exciting way of experimentation helped him find new ways of writting songs and liberated him from his traditional way of making music.

Since 2008 Luis has also performed at the international Y2K Live looping festivals around the cities of San Jose ,Santa Cruz and San Diego California, as well as in Mexicali B.C. Mexico.

In Europe he also performed at the Cologne Y2K8 Loop festivals in Germany Spain and Italy as well as at the Experimental loop festival in Antwerp Belgium.



17.03.2017 Irish Eyes Pub Amriswill Switzerland

17.12.2016 Das Porterhouse Radolfzell

19.12.2015  Das Porterhouse Radolfzell

04.12.2015 Irish Eyes Pub Amriswill Switzerland

06.10.2015  Das Porterhouse Radolfzell

20.12.2014  Das Porterhouse Radolfzell

12.12.2014  Loop Festival Alicante Spain

05.06.2014  Schmieder Klinik Allensbach

25.07.2013  Das Porterhouse Radolfzell





“Birds”                   Single release 2017

“El Niño”                Instrumental release 2017

“Nadie como tú”    Single release 2013

“Barcelona”           Single release 2008

“Creciente”            Single release 2003

“Ayer y Hoy”          Rock en Español

“Primeros Ciclos” Experimental Electronic